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Virus Removal

Malicious coders and hackers have learned to keep up with the progression of technology, creating more sophisticated viruses, spyware, and adware that can infect and negatively impact your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

These viruses can cause damage ranging from annoying to severe and should be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid irreparable damage or security issues. While running an up-to-date virus scan regularly can greatly help, when a virus has already been installed on your device it is important that you seek professional help.

Unfortunately, viruses are very common and most computer users will contract at least one in their lifetime. Viruses can spread quickly from user to user and by the time you find them, it is often too late.  Knowing how your device got infected is important.

Common causes of infection include:

  • Accepting popups or installations without reading the prompt
  • Downloading viruses bundled with other software
  • Opening unsafe email attachments
  • Connecting to an infected hard drive, thumb drive, or disk
  • Not updating Windows or your antivirus software
  • Not having antivirus software installed and running
  • Pirating unsafe media content


While there are many online tutorials or online computer technicians who offer advice, if you do not have the technical skills to completely remove the problem, you may never really know if you got it off your computer.

Furthermore, you can cause additional damage if you’re not 100% sure what you are doing when you try to remove issues yourself. Only a trained IT service expert can really make sure you’re safe. Contact us today for an appointment for a free consultation.

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