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Diagnosis & Repair

Computer problems can be difficult to diagnose on your own. Today’s systems are complex ecosystems of hardware, software, applications, peripherals, and networks. In order for the computer to function properly, everything connected to it has to be set up and working together.

Our technicians understand both hardware and software. Plus, they’re familiar with all the major applications and peripherals that make your computer so useful. If your difficulty is caused by failing hardware, we’ll explain the problem to you in easy-to-understand language so that you can make an informed decision about repairs or replacement. If the problem stems from malware infections, we’ll pinpoint the offending programs and eliminate them.

Many of today’s applications have problems with incompatibility. Separate programs work fine, but they interfere with other programs that you need for work or everyday computing. Our diagnostic tools identify incompatible processes so that we can eliminate or reconfigure them. Many of our customers have saved hundreds of dollars when a simple fix saved them from junking their computer and starting over.

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